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After more than eleven years, Tibetan Healing Fund knows two things for sure:  We absolutely know that all of our effort is making a difference in the quality of life for Tibetan women and children.  Secondly, we believe the future will demand even more of THF, and we have no doubt that we will meet that challenge because of everyone who has made these past eleven years possible.

The Tibetan plateau communities look different, in part, because Tibetan Healing Fund exists, and we only exist because of the dedication and hard work of our Tibetan Healing Fund community in the U.S. and Tibet. THF has covered a lot of distance in the past decade and the past 3/12 years since the opening of the Birth Center.  The Birth Center’s team has delivered more than 1,061 babies and has touched more than 8,000 Tibetan families through health education, pre-/post-natal care and women’s health services.  In addition, the Birth Center has been used as a training center to train over 334 healthcare workers and create jobs for rural Tibetans.  THF has also worked closely with others in our health sector to establish standards and our trainees have received certificates from the government as recognized health care providers. 

And we are just getting started!  In our first ten years, THF primarily focused on improving access to quality education and providing safe, affordable, linguistically and culturally appropriate health care services.  We know that our methods and projects improve the lives of rural Tibetan women and children and decrease the risk of disability as a result of unsafe and unassisted childbirths.  We can and must do more to create healthy lives through education.  We believe we are accomplishing this by using a more empowering approach to reach communities in many of the areas of the Tibetan plateau.  By combining our ‘three specialties’—the three areas of 1) training more health workers, especially community midwives; 2) investing in girls and women’s education in high school, college, graduate and medical school; and 3) expanding our successful birth center model— we are advancing the leadership of Tibetans.  Tibetan Healing Fund will continue to push forward, to strengthen and expand our education and health projects, and to demonstrate this sustainable three-pronged approach to improving the health care and education system at the county, community, and family levels throughout the Tibetan plateau.

For more than eleven years, we have seen the possibility of change, and we have identified and created opportunities to make these positive changes happen.  We have improved the lives of so many !  When we look to the future, we can image these possibilities growing, making the future of even more Tibetans more promising.  For our part, Tibetan Healing Fund will do everything in our capacity to bring forth new opportunities for health and education. Tibetan Healing Fund obviously cannot do it alone, and we need you to help create these opportunities with us.  Thank you for impacting and empowering countless Tibetan lives.

Tashi Delek!
Tibetan Healing Fund

Tibetan Healing Fund (THF) is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization established to improve primary healthcare and education for rural Tibetan women and children in the Tibetan regions of P.R. China. Thanks to your kind support, both financially and through countless volunteer hours, we are now approaching ten years of service to improve the public health situation for thousands of Tibetan people living in rural communities. This is an exciting and critical time for the work of Tibetan Healing Fund. Although there is still great need and work to be done in the future, we should still celebrate what we have accomplished togethether.

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